One of the alleged organizers of the Paris terrorist attacks abdeslam the Salah will be the first accused of terrorism brought before a French court. The question of his speedy extradition from Belgium is just a formality, cites the Belgian Minister of justice Koen gens on Saturday, March 19, the Agency dpa.

Earlier, French President Francois Hollande said that the search for terrorist accomplices continues. The number of those who "made and organized" terrorist attacks, significantly higher than anticipated, "we are faced with very large-scale network structure", said Hollande in the evening on March 18 at a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel.

Meanwhile, the Belgian newspaper De Standaard criticizes such a late detention of terrorist. According to journalists, "it would be less awkward for the investigation, if Abdeslam surfaced in Syria," but the offender 126 days hiding in Belgium in places where rose is "in any case, worrisome".

In turn, the Deputy of the French Parliament from opposition party "the Republicans" Alan Marceau believes "the biggest success of the Belgian intelligence services" the fact that a terrorist was hiding for so long. "Either Salah Abdeslam was very cunning, or Belgian service totally bad," said Marceau in an interview with the publications of the media group Ebra.

Abdeslam was arrested on 18 March in Brussels together with four suspects of involvement in the terrorist attacks 13 November in Paris. Its exact role in those events necessary to establish the investigation.