Four years ago women working in the film industry, initiated a real riot. Then more than 800 professional filmmakers, activists and actors signed an open letter condemning the lack of female Directors in the list of candidates for "Golden palm".

All subsequent times the gender composition of the jury was emphasized balanced, and on the Cote d'azur carried out round tables and other events on the role of women in the movies. However, the only winner of the highest award of the festival remains Jane Campion, won the "Palme d'or" for the 1993 film "the Piano".

This is not a problem of the festival, says in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, artistic Director of the Cannes film festival Thierry Fremeau. "In order to see more women in Cannes, we should have more women in the movies. Cannes is not a problem. Don't blame Cannes," he says.

"The 17 Directors who are not women, should be forced to walk the red carpet in high heels," says the actress rose McGowan, raising last year's theme that women on the Croisette are required to wear heels.

"There are so many levels of misogyny that people don't even understand where it starts. And from "you should wear high heels" - one step up "we do not perceive you as a Director," she says.

Recall that in 2016 the jury of the Cannes film festival included actress Kirsten dunst, French star Vanessa Paradis, Italian actress and filmmaker Valeria Golino and the Iranian producer Kataun Sahabi. Chairman of the jury - Australian Director John Miller.

69-th the festival will take place on the Cote d'azur from 11 to 22 may. Will open his new film the Director and screenwriter woody Allen's "the Beautiful people".