An open letter to the President of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis

Mr President!

For several years now Latvia provides a temporary residence permit for real estate owners and investors who invest in Latvian companies and enterprises. Thanks to this wise policy of several thousand foreigners were able to move to live in Latvia. We are all fortunate to work and lead their own business in Latvia, to teach the state language and every day more and more to discover the unique Latvian culture. We are glad to have a residence permit and live in extraordinarily comfortable, beautiful and peaceful country. In a country where laws are observed, the tax system understandable and transparent, and laws, as in all civilized Europe, is not retroactive. However, we are all concerned about recent amendments to the immigration Act that suddenly change the current rules for us.

It is about the introduction of a new state fee in the amount of 5,000 euros for the five-year re-obtaining a temporary residence permit, as well as the possibility of revoking the residence permit, if the tax liability is EUR 150.

Of these amendments, it follows that the fee of 5,000 euros will have to pay not only to new investors and real estate owners, but also those who have received a residence permit from the beginning of the program. We hope that this misunderstanding, after all, 5,000 euros is a considerable sum in the context of the global economic crisis. Moreover, in Latvia, where created ideal conditions for investors, subject to the norms of international law, and the laws are not retroactive. That is why Latvia in recent years has become so attractive for investors and entrepreneurs from around the world.

We will be grateful for the special attention to new amendments that worsen the legal situation in relation to conscientious investors. And address You with a request not to sign the amendment on the introduction of fees of 5,000 euros, because it contradicts the image of Latvia as one of the favorable countries in the world for business and stay.

With gratitude and infinite respect,

1.Denis Sergeev,the Creator of culinary travel Agency in Latvia

2.Anna Zarubina , programmer

3.Eugene dimes, programmer

4.Leonid Ragozin

5.Grigory Nekhoroshev

6. Maxim Krylov

7.Irina Krylova

8.Elena Lukyanova

9.Sergey Timofeev

10.Rosita The Buman

11.Irina Comic

12.Galina Comic

13.Leonid Tarasov

14.Arseny Tarasov

15.Julia Ishkenova

16. Vladimir Kuvshinsky

17. Denis Barsegov, writer

18. Elizabeth Rodionova

19. Yuri Filippov

20. Maria Shumikhina

21. Anton Lysenkov

22. Olga Shakina

23. Anastasia Simonova, an expert on certification

24. Anastasia Naumova, the IT analyst

25. Philip Zlatkovski, architect

26. Igor Tarakanov

27. Arina Gilyazova

28. Alexander Tarakanov

29. Natalia Taranova

30. Vera Krylova, translator

31. Vladimir Sidorov

32. Lyudmila Sidorova

33. Michael Shumikhin

34. Edward Hayman, entrepreneur

35. Eugene Romanenko, entrepreneur

36. Inna Romanenko

37. Alex Kordin, entrepreneur

38. Natalia Cortina, housewife

39. Elena Sicko, entrepreneur

40. Tatiana Ovsyannikova, entrepreneur