As previously reported, the Commission on regulation of public services introduced the project to balance the distribution tariff, which provides 20% lower cost for delivery of electricity for households, with simultaneous introduction of a fixed fee for the provision of connections, regardless of electricity consumption. For legal entities the project provides for increase from 10% to 40% of fees for connecting electricity depending on capacity, at the same time, by 10-25% lowering cost for the delivery of electricity.

Residents are interested in – how to figure out what house or apartment connection: single phase or three phase? First, information about the type of connection and power that is important in the case of three phase connections must be specified in the contract with the electricity trader. Single-phase connection provides less power, so it can lower fixed fee. Three-phase connection provides more power, so the fixed monthly payment will be higher and will vary depending on the capacity of the connection. However, at a certain consumption of electricity fixed charge will be compensated by reducing the delivery price of electricity 20%.

Single phase connection is usually provided in apartments. Power it enough to work all electrical appliances and equipment – lighting, washing machine, refrigerator, TV, iron, electric kettle and other appliances. For new projects of private houses and more typical three phase connection, as there should be more use of electrical equipment and higher power, such as a heat pump or instantaneous water heaters. The three phase connection fixed charge will be different depending on the power connection.

If You decide to change the connection power increase, decrease or make a new connection, you first need to understand what to connect, need power. It should be carefully evaluated, taking into consideration the number used, as well as future planned appliance and equipment, to avoid the situation when the connected power is not enough. Standard power connections for a private house is 15 kW / 25 A, but for apartment – 9 kW / 16 A.

An important criterion when choosing the best power connection is the planned simultaneous load. For example, in apartments for home electrical appliances and equipment is usually sufficient single-phase connection. If the kitchen is the stove that will be lit simultaneously with a washing machine, a TV and an electric kettle, then you will need a three phase connection.

If you need to make a new connection, AS "Sadales tīkls" covers up to 40% of the connection fees, and for legal entities takes into account the capacity of the connection if the connection does not exceed 100 amperes, AS "Sadales tīkls" covers up to 40% of the cost of the connection, and if it exceeds 100 amperes, the connection fee charged to the client at 100%. However, in this case the company, provided that it efficiently uses the required capacity, have the opportunity within five years to return made connection fee in full at the expense of a reduced tariff for distribution services.

Legal entities, in preparation for the change of tariff plan, it is also important to assess the capacity of the connection. As for households, and for legal entities the choice of power connection is an opportunity to reduce their overall costs for electricity and distribution services. The win would be all, for example, the power released by one enterprise would be connected to the power lines for the new plant.

In order to motivate companies to reconsider given power, AS "Sadales tīkls" on its own initiative gave the opportunity for six months after reducing the power connections to restore the power, if it is still needed. All information about possibilities to reduce the power of connection and the calculator rates for businesses and households are available on the website Also, any legal entity can receive professional advice on services AS "Sadales tīkls".