Here is an interview with Christopher.

1) Christopher, tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Christopher Sachs. I'm 17, I live in Pinki, Babite graduated from high school this year I enrolled at the International School of Latvia — I love to travel and are interested in modern technology. In my free time I do sports - I play floorball in the youth team of SK Babīte and go to sortset. I always liked to learn English, watch movies and TV series in English, I have many friends who speak English, but I understood that the level of language I have is not very high and training in school I obviously do not have. So I started looking for the opportunity to learn English and successfully found the proposal from to learn a foreign language. It was the best decision my busy school and training chart.

2) How did you hear about and why were you interested in this language learning method? I learned from radio advertising to Google's home page, filled out the questionnaire, I immediately called back and tested for free to determine my level of knowledge of the language, then we from the extensive catalog of teachers chose teacher William from England, because for me it was very important to work with a teacher whose English is native.

First, I really liked that I was able to determine the class that I didn't have to spend the time to get from Jurmala to Riga — the training took place in my computer, on Skype, that is why we have teacher was very flexible schedule and we were able to do in any place where there is Internet. Secondly, for me it was just super — I could give the teacher your suggestions for topics of training, I said that I would like to learn, and the teacher always arranged its curriculum under my wishes.

I really, really appreciate the convenience of learning what I could teach English at a convenient time and in a convenient location, and not have to spend time on the road for a meeting with the teacher. For me it's very important because I do a lot of sports, spend time with friends and family and the time factor is very important for me.

3) what was the best in the learning process what helped you to achieve your goal in learning?

I really helped that the teacher was always a lot of interesting and interactive learning materials that fit me perfectly. As soon as I had any difficulty or misunderstanding, the teacher picked up the materials or gave advice that helped me to master this subject and move on. After a year of training, I mastered the language at such a level that he was able to obtain a certificate C1 in English Eastbourne School of English in the UK, and thanks to the excellent knowledge of English, I got a grant to study at the prestigious Latvian International school (Inernational School of Latvia).

4) What are your plans for the future?

I think that to have a good rest the last weeks of summer and start studying in the International School of Latvia are planning to continue the teaching of foreign languages in - I decided to learn German language, because I think that knowledge of foreign languages opens new opportunities, with knowledge of languages, of course, comfortable to travel and meet new countries and people, and very nice to hear compliments from other people about great proficiency. I advise anyone who wants to learn a foreign language or even several —