Changes in the law prepared following collective statement of the residents that the inspection of new vehicles should be carried out every two years, informs Agency LETA referring to the press service of the Parliament.

Amendments to the Road traffic act stipulate that new cars up to two years, weighing up to 3,500 kg can pass the first inspection in Latvia every two years. The second inspection should be held not later than two years after the first. Upon reaching the age of four machines, as before, will pass inspection once a year.

The change in the law of the Road in the final reading should take the diet.

Now according to the law previously unregistered cars the first inspection takes place within two years after registration in Latvia. Further inspection should take place every year.

Previously, more than 10 thousand inhabitants of Latvia have signed the initiative on passing inspection every two years, as is happening in Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and other countries.

According to a member of the Board of Latvian Autoassociative of Ingus of Routines, the idea of inspection once in two years appeared due to lack of understanding of what a safe vehicle. More than half of all cars older than 10 years can not pass the inspection the first time, said the Routines. This means that if you go for a checkup every two years, on the Latvian roads there would be a lot unsafe for the movement of machinery, which in this case would be legally entitled to participate in road traffic.