"Of course, we could not solve everything, and none of us had in his pocket ready-made solutions" — said after the meeting, interior Minister Marco Minniti Italy. But an important outcome of the meeting was the agreement on cooperation in controlling migration from Africa. Among the topics to be discussed in Rome, was to strengthen the system of coast guard of Libya, the fight against the causes of migration, protection of refugees, and joint action against smugglers, ferrying refugees.

From 2014 to Italy from Africa, primarily through Libya, arrived more than 500 thousand illegal immigrants. Only in the first months of 2017, their number exceeded 20 thousand people.

Decisions of the Rome meeting has caused not only positive feedback but also criticism, especially from human rights organizations. The head of the organization Pro Asyl, günter BURKHARDT called unacceptable the cooperation of European countries with dictatorial regimes of Africa. According to him, European politicians seek only to stop the refugees at a very early stage.