The book is written based on the author's program of the legendary Soviet and Russian filmmaker, actor, screenwriter and producer Nikita Mikhalkov's "Besogon-TV", each issue of which collects a multi-million audience. In this book, the author returns to the historical aspects of development of Russia, gives a personal assessment of the social and political processes occurring both in Russia and in the world.

"Besogon" – the book is independent of man, written for thinking people. The author does not teach anyone anything, he gives facts, raises questions and offers to work together to find answers and draw conclusions. These are the stories of people – statesmen, politicians, philosophers, poets – close-and unique, often controversial, live Russian souls. They are entirely devoted his talent to the service of the Motherland, played an important role in the life of the author and in many ways shaped his art and worldview civil.

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