And this drought, as was established by the specialists, "was not only more protracted, but 50% less humid than the drought of the last 500 years".

According to experts NASA, "Bang" in all the Arab States in 2011, partly "due to the fact that in the summer of 2010 have been several extreme climate events, changed climate already fragile balance of the Middle East".

The droughts in China, a huge steppe fires in Ukraine and in Russia and severe flooding in Canada and Australia, which have led to crop failures and the double increase in the price of wheat, which, in turn, has affected the middle East region, where 5% of the world population and only 1% of the world's fresh water. Moreover, nine out of ten world importers of wheat from the Middle East, and among the worst affected countries such as Egypt.

In Syria, in 2006-2011, has killed 85% of a livestock of cattle, 800 thousand peasants lost sources of income, three million Syrians have fallen into poverty and began to move to already overcrowded cities, already gave shelter to a million Iraqis who escaped from the chaos in their homeland.

As a result, throughout the middle East began the "great resettlement", and a combination of three factors, the fastest growing population in the world, the corrupt government and environmental issues — was the "perfect powder keg", the article says.

This interaction of climate change and political crises has its historical analogues, continues Yaron. So, about 3.3 thousand years ago in just a few decades collapsed state of the Hittites, Assyrians, Makenov, as well as Cyprus and Egypt rich.

The cause was also prolonged drought, which set off a chain reaction: the impoverished peasants were warlike nomads, which led to increased government spending on border security with the reduction of revenue from agriculture and trade. As a result, even well organised States have failed to cope with "stress factors".

Analogues of this phenomenon in the middle Ages. In particular, after 1025 BC on a vast area from Africa to Asia for 60 years has witnessed the persistent of drought in the summer and extremely low temperatures in winter.

As a result Byzantium and the Gaznevid, the state lost its former grandeur, dynasty Fatimid caliphs ceased to exist and North Africa was devastated that "laid the Foundation for the emergence of the Ottoman Empire".

"When thinking of historical examples, the news from NASA has greatly troubled Europe, It shows that waves of refugees, threatening the Old World, not only local policy but also the global climatic causes. Moreover, in the near future, the climate situation will worsen, as in the middle East region almost 90% reduction in the number of heavy rains.

So, "the refugees who come to Europe, is only the first wave. Following them in Europe — if poverty, historical conflict, and climate change will make significant areas of the Middle East uninhabitable — the attainment of millions of people", — concludes the author of the article Die Welt.