The men's race on 15 km became worthy end of the championship, holding in suspense all till the last meters.

After the first firing line leader was the Austrian Simon Eder and the main favorite Martin Fourcade had one penalty. At around 4.5 km ahead escaped leader of the Russian team Anton Shipulin, but after the second shooting, he had to run a penalty lap. The race was again led by Eder.

By mid-race in the first place, to the delight of owners of the championship, came Johannes boe, who had come with German Simon Schempp. And the first shooting after the "rack" has left the award-winning biathletes of our time — a 20-time world champion OLE Einar Bjoerndalen and 10x Martin Fourcade.

At 10 km the leading group of nine(!) people started to approach the race — the gap to the leader decreased from 25 to 5 seconds. And just before the last firing stage, the Russian was already on a par with them. And here Anton once missed and was immediately eliminated from among the contenders for a medal.

To the finish line at full speed rushed Trinity — Fourcade, Bjoerndalen and Th.Bo. Johannes was excellent ascent, leaving behind compatriot and legend of biathlon and a 1.5 key until the end of the race pass and took third. Norwegian the Frenchman could not be stopped: Johannes boe won the mass start and brought Norway's fourth gold at the world championship. Fourcade lost almost 3 seconds, 42-year-old Bjoerndalen lost Bo — 6.7 seqnode. Shipulin finished ninth behind the leader at 41 seconds.

Latvian biathlete Andrey Rastorguev again failed shooting — misses on the first, second and third shooting sessions. The result — 26 place and losing Bo almost 2.5 minutes.

The Norwegians were able to equalize the gold medals with the French, but this is not allowed to make Marie Dorin-habert. 29-year-old Frenchwoman today in brilliant style has won a 12.5-kilometer mass start, took the third gold in the championship (also she has 2 silver and one bronze) and sealed a sixth win of France for team event.

All the French in Holmenkollen will reap the harvest of 11 medals (6-4-1). The second were the hosts of the tournament (4-20-3), the third by the Germans (1-3-3). But for the Russian national team this championship was the worst in history: its biathletes failed to win any medals. Similar happened to her only once: in 1978 the tournament in Hochfilzen, but then played only three sets of medals (in sprint, relay and individual race among men). Since 2005 at the world Championships played 11 sets of medals.

Biathlon. The 2016 world Cup. Holmenkollen (March 13). Men. The mass start. 15 km:

1. Johannes boe (Norway) — is at 37.05,1 (1 penalty).
2. Martin Fourcade (France) — backlog 2,8 (1).
3. OLE Einar Bjoerndalen (Norway) 6,7 (0)...
26. Ferry Bjorn (Latvia) 2.25,6 (3)...

Women. The mass start. 12.5 km:

1. Marie Dorin habert (France) — 35.28,5 (0 penalty laps).
2. Laura Dahlmeier (Germany) — backlog 7,3 (1).
3. Makarainen Kaisa (Finland) 8,1 (1)...