Vice President of LDz Aivar Strokes explains that we are currently negotiating with the European investment Bank on joint participation in the financing of the project.

To the Latvian sector of transport and logistics was competitive, the electrification of the rail network is a crucial project that will significantly affect workers in this industry. That is, in the future — in the implementation of the electrification project will require a highly skilled workforce. Moreover, after the implementation of the project will need skilled workers for the relevant contents lines. Especially great will be the impact of this project on labour in Latgale region.

We have repeatedly stressed the need for the electrification project to increase the competitiveness of the entire transit industry in Latvia and the Baltic in the global transport markets, especially taking into account the official plans of Lithuanian Railways in the coming years to electrify the railway junction from the Belarusian border to the port of Klaipeda.

A number of global transportation companies, including LDz partner "DHL Global Forwarding", are increasingly emphasising the importance of the so-called "green corridors" in selecting business partners in their supply chains to reduce the amount of emissions CO2 into the atmosphere. DHL reports that by 2050 plans to ensure the delivery of goods using transport that generates no emissions. Besides, the "White book" European transport policy identifies the need to reduce the impact of rail transport on the environment.

The electrification of the Latvian railway network as an important project of development of the transport sector included in national development plan for 2014-2020 and Main settings of transport development for the same period.