As noted, currently the detectives NAB established businesses in 10 countries, with participation from the Ukraine were put up to 2.27 billion, $ 428 million, EUR 4.3 million and 825 thousand pounds.

"Often the ultimate beneficiaries of foreign companies-participants of the corruption schemes are the citizens of Ukraine. According to information received by detectives NAB since the inception of the investigation (December 4, 2015), most of these agents had a "residence" in the UK and the Republic of Cyprus", — said in the NABS.

It is reported that in these countries the Ukrainian corrupt officials are attracted by low taxation, simplified financial statements and a high guarantee of confidentiality.

Banking operations are often carried out through financial institutions in Latvia and Austria, since the local banks are fast and have rigid standards of banking secrecy.

Since the beginning of the investigation as of mid-April, the NAB sent 161 the request for international legal assistance to the competent authorities in 41 States. Most of the petitions sent to Latvia (35), the UK (13), Austria (10) Switzerland (10), Cyprus (10).