Larnaca court has ruled that before considering the issue of extradition of the businessman in Latvia he doesn't have to be in custody, so it used a measure not involving deprivation of liberty.

The question of issuing milusa in Latvia will be considered on August 22.

54-the summer man detained in Larnaca airport, in Latvia, was sentenced to five years in prison.

Miles detained on 3 August, Cyprus he arrived from Moscow. During the passport check revealed that a Russian citizen wanted by Interpol.

Cyprus police got a warrant for his arrest, but Milos complained to high pressure, was taken to a local hospital.

The court decided to keep him in custody until 11 August, while Latvia will not come documents.

In March 2007, the Zemgale regional court found former trader BMW Milusha, the former mayor of Jurmala Juris of levickis and candidate Gvido Harijs valbruna guilty of transfer of a bribe the Deputy Ilmars Ancans to the mayoral election voted for Hlevickis.

Hlevickis, and miles received five years in prison with confiscation of property, walbros to three years probation for three years.

Miles to appear at the meeting of the court of first instance, but the verdict did not come. He was declared internationally wanted.