This is two times more than Latvia is represented abroad. We are talking about the embassies of Latvia in 37 countries, permanent missions to the UN, NATO, OSCE and other international organizations, consulates in Pskov (Russia) and Vitebsk (Belarus) and the Consulate General in St. Petersburg.

The publication notes that according to the law approved the following diplomatic degree: attache — third Secretary — second Secretary — first Secretary — Advisor — senior Advisor to the Ambassador.

Also, the law stipulated that diplomatic position should not differ from the diplomatic rank more than one step. This means that a career diplomat, becoming an Ambassador, should at least should take the position of senior Advisor.

Following rank of the diplomat can assign only three years later, however, for outstanding achievements in his post next rank can honor before. In exceptional cases, upon the recommendation of the Attestation Commission and the decree of the Prime Minister the Minister may assign any other diplomat diplomatic rank.

According to unofficial information, the Chairman of the parliamentary faction of the party "Unity" Solvita Aboltinja has expressed its wish to prematurely resign Deputy authority, to return to the Ministry of foreign Affairs, as well as become the Ambassador of Latvia in Italy. However, the foreign Ministry this information has not yet commented.

Recall that prior to his political career Aboltina from 1993 to 2002, he worked at the Consular Department of the MFA of Latvia, as well as seven years was the head of this Department.

As explained Aboltina, at the time, leaving the job to the foreign Ministry, she passed the test to receive the rank of Advisor