58-summer Petersons is habilitowany a doctor of medicine, Professor, who works in RUS since 1984. Previously he was head of the Department of pediatric surgery, and currently holds the position of Dean of the doctoral programme.

Petersons is also a member of the Board of the Children's clinical University hospital, at the time he was a Deputy of the Saeima and the Riga city Council.

68-the summer Wind running in the RUS since 1998, he is habilitowany a doctor of medicine, Professor. The wind has held the position of rector of the University from 1999 to 2007.
In addition, the Wind was a member of the Latvian Council of science and was a member of the Seimas.

At the present time the duties of rector of the RUS performs Janis has Gardovskis, whose mandate expires at the end of this year. The election of a new rector will take place on 9 November. The head of the University is elected for a term of five years and approved by Cabinet.