We will remind, the court of first instance sentenced the defendant to 20,5 years of imprisonment and probation supervision for 3 years. The convicted must reimburse the state for 1850 euros and to pay the injured party compensation in the amount of 10 000 Euro.

We will remind, in the beginning of last year with the rage inhabitant Rezekne, being in an alcohol intoxication, killed their neighbors, with whom previously he had a conflict. The culprit quietly entered the house, where the company drank the liquid for washing Windows, and then waited until all members of the party fell asleep.

After that he took two knives and began to put two men strikes. One of his victims he inflicted seven stab wounds to the chest and throat. The second man he stabbed in the chest, abdomen and other places. Both suffered from the received traumas has died, and the assailant tried to stage the events so that the investigation has any idea that both of the dead were in conflict with each other and caused during the fight fatal injuries.

Three more participants of a feast at this time slept. So the killer decided that he would be able to leave the apartment unnoticed, but this time woke up one of the women. The offender approached her and threatened with death if she decides to go to the police. To intimidate, he took a knife and stabbed the woman shot in the neck.