Earlier, the head of the animal protection organization "Zoopreme" Anastasia Fedyunina reported that animal rights activists discovered in the shelter of BANO ECHO in the alley the First May day the corpses of dogs. According to her, the shelter staff explain what happened they have veterinarians, specialists which have the right to euthanize animals.

TASS in the press service GU MVD in the capital reported that on the territory of the shelter found more than 40 bodies of dead animals: 29 cats and 12 dogs. Fedyunina with reference to volunteers ' claims that the shelter had euthanized about three hundred animals.

In the night of Friday, the situation at the shelter moved to the "active phase": the site came about hundreds of toactivate that require the shelter staff to give them animals to save them from death. In turn, the security personnel are not allowed activists to the territory, and to those who are trying to break through, to use physical force. About it "Interfax" was told Fedjunina.

According to her, the place is also about ten police officers who failed to intervene. Animal rights activists do not intend to diverge until they fail to pick up animals.