Milk is the raw material for all dairy products, including yogurt. Yogurt made from pasteurized milk, adding a special kefir starter. Ferment using milk sugar, multiplies and secretes substances that cause the drink to curdle and make it acidic. Naturally yogurt is formed in the South, dominated by other bacteriological flora, and there he had another taste.

When to choose milk?

Ancient knowledge about nutrition is taught that the person it is advisable to eat foods native to the place in which he lives. In Latvia, the milk was historically one of the most popular products, so it can be considered as a natural and healthy part of the diet.

Nutrition specialist Inga puce indicates that milk is the primary source of nutrients. It is unique and cannot be attributed to any of the nutrient groups, because it contains milk sugar, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Fresh milk is better absorbed calcium, which is associated with the presence of phosphorus and vitamin D. besides, milk fat, warm, and the milk sugar has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Milk is an integral part of the diet of the host of "the mom club" Julia Eckert and her family. She says that this habit has been:

"As a child I spent a lot of time in the village where we had our own cow. Even then the main component of the meal was the milk — and it's still true. So I'm glad my family likes all the milk. It strengthens the immune system, contains vitamins A, b and D, calcium and magnesium. And warm milk with a spoon of honey is the best cure for insomnia".

In addition, milk can be widely used in cooking, they can replace more fatty foods — cream, cream or oil. The disadvantage of milk, you can mention the fact that, due to the weakened metabolism, it can be difficult to digest and some people don't like the taste.

When to choose yogurt?

If you have intolerance of milk or after its use health is not very good, protein and calcium can be obtained from yogurt, says I. puce. If milk just don't like it, you can make a choice in favor of yogurt, a specialist indicates that he digested harder, but does not create discomfort, and is suitable for people with digestive disorders.

Kefir is recommended to drink during the meal, especially when eating meat, because it promotes the secretion of gastric acid, which helps metabolize protein-rich foods.

Kefir is recommended to use different herbs, vegetables and fruit. For example, instead of sour cream salad can fill with yogurt — it makes the dish less oily, or you can add in yogurt cherries, blueberries or raspberries.

Presenter Superbingo and editor Košākai dzīvei Christa Pesicka says that yogurt often save it: "it Happens that during the hottest day of so much work, that at lunch time — in such cases, I choose kefir. It gives the necessary feeling of satiety, it's important that the yogurt supplemented with valuable bifidobacteria. So I'm often using it in daily life instead of snacking".

The biological value of kefir is smaller than the milk, so yogurt is often added valuable bifidobacteria that improve digestion, contain antioxidants, and help to strengthen the body's defenses.

"Without a doubt, the consumer prefers the product that best suits his taste sensations and daily diet. We think not only about milk and yogurt were tasty, but their high nutritional value. As a result, the milk is supplemented with vitamin D, and yogurt — the "good" bacteria," emphasizes Alice Birzniece, brand Manager of Latvijas Piens.