Jalla Abdul received a residence permit shortly before he turned 18. Management on Affairs of citizenship and migration (PDM) issued him a residence permit on the basis that the Giallo is a student in the eighth grade. As explained by TV3 ziņas, this was achieved thanks to the foster family lawyers and volunteers who sought to Gambian remained in Latvia.

"I feel good. I have a family, happiness and harmony. If everyone in the world was the family, and the world would have been a good place," said Jala, who have already mastered the Latvian language.

Previously, DCMA denied the African refugee status because DCMA believed that he arrived in Latvia for economic reasons. Then management decided that after reaching adulthood, that is, in March of this year, Jalla will have to leave Latvia.

The young man arrived in Latvia two years ago to play in a football club Metta/Latvijas Universitāte. The team refused the services of the Giallo, since its level was insufficient. Jalla did not want to leave Latvia, but out of sight of the club. Since then, he has been able to find a foster family and began to attend school.