The name of the athletes was not mentioned in the report of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), headed by Richard McLaren. However, during total re-verification of doping tests that were taken at the Games in Sochi, on the Bank Zaitseva was discovered scratch. According to the version of the IOC, this may indicate that the urine of athletes was replaced with "dirty" to "clean".

At the end of November Zaitseva appear before the IOC, headed by Dennis Oswald.

At the winter Olympics in Sochi Zaitseva won a silver medal in composition in the national team of Russia in relay race 4 on 6 km. Two of her teammates Olga viluhina and Yana Romanova — has also received allegations of manipulation of the trial and has already addressed the Commission Oswald on 13 November. The decision thereon is still pending.