To the question, which is harder to be a famous model or the daughter of a chief coach of the national team of Russia on hockey, Alisa Znarok replied: "all my life I am the daughter of his dad, so what once used to be the daughter of a famous coach. The advantages of this is much more than the minuses".

"When your dad runs the national team, there is a certain responsibility for the whole family. But I'm always happy when dad's career goes uphill. We can only be proud of and admire his work, the more it is in the place which rightfully deserve" she said in an interview "R-Sport".

"We have a very strong family. For each of us, family always comes first, we try to support each other in all endeavors. And if one of us has some kind of important event in your life, try to be close to everything. In their work, for example, all the agencies say at once: may — goodbye, I'm gone, I'm going to the world Cup, you can not even try. My sister's more serious work, so she come so far only for three games and if the team all goes well, the final matches," she said.

"If to speak simply and corny, my dad is a real man. And Leroy and I, we always say that the father embodies the image of a real man, the way it should be, really. Yes, he can sometimes be rude. Don't forget, he does not like to talk to the press. But what is there to hide, it's in General very few people loves," said she.

"You can always distort words, or something like that to do. Different stories have been, you know. But the family had three girls, so, sorry, but there's another power set (laughs). Dad is kind and gentle, he supports us in everything. Our family even has a nickname: "Pope — king", as it is called.

Dad enjoys his family in the evenings. He loves when we come home, spend the night, have Breakfast together. And appreciates when we come here to Moscow and everywhere else come to support it," she said.

To the question why Oleg Znarok does not like the press, his daughter replied, "dad likes to prove by actions, not words. Well the truth is that in hockey speak? You played, and all all saw, the point in commenting? All these thoughts torment him, especially when there is such tension in the world Cup. So he says quickly, clearly, in the case, and then went home to my family, and sleep".

At her words, home "taboo of no hockey, but you need to choose moments. You need to be able to feel when you can speak and when not. It happens that we discuss and CHL, and NHL, and for individual players. We all understand and can hold a conversation.

But there are defeat when you realize: to dad with hockey is better not to climb, it is necessary to distract. Then tell him about life, about events, and can't wait to go to a hockey game. Once he can listen, when something-no, but my opinion everyone of us could Express".

She said that "she lived in America for three years, but now come back again, live in Riga, work all over Europe. Just in the year when dad led the team of Russia, I came back from overseas. But when he's with Dynamo won the Gagarin Cup, looked out at all then rejoiced. It was very, very disappointing (laughs)".

"This year I have a new challenge — I decided that I could try themselves in journalism, to do a special program for "Match TV" — "behind the Scenes with Alisa Znarok". I'm very interested, so I decided: why not. I am still in the world Cup, see the whole inner side of the championship. Show fans behind the scenes, I think it will be interesting," said Alisa Znarok.

"Of course, I never put myself where I don't need. If the team is going to the cinema, and I wasn't invited, like yesterday, I'm not offended and are going to do their business. But I can chat with the players and show them what they new happened. The players do not evil weirdoes running around somewhere out there on the ice. They're funny guys, which want to show on the other hand," said Alisa Znarok, adding that the mainstream media choose the wrong approach when they want to show his father.

"It is necessary to ingratiate himself. And this is done by actions, not words. When once burned, second, third, you come to the conclusion: why is it necessary? Easier with no one to talk to. Just with journalists, the father personally do not know and do not know what they have in mind. I'd love to see the same journalists have rallied around our team and began to support it.

I was at a press conference after the announcement of the whole and heard what the journalists said. They say, why we have gathered here, that it's for such a composition. I have a short temper, wanted to say: guys, let's play, and then you will speak. Let's be all together, at the same time. As is customary in our family," said she interview "R-sport".