Fashion we were raped. Well, not the kind of fashion that is "art", and which brands, trends, advertising, marketing, buy-buy-buy. The fashion industry has turned into such a giant that can afford to compete with Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, any religion.

We, as true followers, buy, and buy, and buy.

We girls grew up on Vogue, believe that the fashion is a dream. And that all that imposed upon us by the bourgeois taste and bourgeois way of life — this is our bright ideal, our sacred purpose.

But we, the loyal supporters, the more uninteresting fashion. We are grafted, we are accustomed to, intimidated, obsessed. We will walk to the big stores to fill with lust, all sorts of expensive cloth — and we, of course, without buying will not leave. Our quick buzz. Our sacrament. Purification. Ecstasy.

Мода нас изнасиловала. Арина Холина о том, почему скоро люди перестанут ходить по магазинам
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Fashion is interested in Millennials. A generation that loves fashion, but who does not like to spend money.

Yes, you've all heard about those babies that are three days in line for sneakers from Kanye West ($1000), but they are not them. In the sense that a lot of other millenials.

They, however, believe in smart consumption. Because there is so much second-hand stores, vintage shops, flea markets. They want to consume, but don't want to intrude — in the world and so done too many things (and multiplied second proof).

They believe that slaves are bad. That is, workers from Bangladesh, who work for 16 hours for a dollar a day. And no matter what do these "slaves" t — shirts for the mass market or hand embroidery for high fashion.

Now most brands pariveda, arguing that they "not such". That they captivate young people.

Millennials love fashion, really, but they know that between the "low" or "fast" fashion and "high" the difference is in the details. The same fabric, made in India, the same cheap labor. Come into the store, where prices start from 90 000 — and you hate to touch these things. They are bad to the touch.

In the United States are closed malls and shops. The showcases were orphaned. Even the giants like Macy's, Saks, Neiman Marcus tens removed branches. Well Yes, trading goes online, and it's like well, I think producers. But, guys, Wake up, this is very bad for you.
Displays online shopping from categories and hanging out. Before the shopping Mall was a whole ritual: you showered, gathered, dressed, went, came, went out (or went to the Mall) ...a Few hours of your Saturday. Shopping is a celebration, it's leisure, it's fun. We are convinced.

And now you've opened the website. Yes, it seems that even online shopping can be fun. But you spend an hour. And the spend less time the less refer to it as "the release". Boxes themselves online shopping shop something more rigorous, meaningful, business.

So are Millennials. Do not regard shopping as a pleasure, spend less time, simultaneously with the purchases I read somewhere on MANREPELLER about how brands are turning to workers from Pakistan.

And we sit them on the tail. We also can't miss all this information. Notice that between the lines — and the young stars of instagram in advertising expensive clothes and children celebrities on the catwalks. It's not easy. Do you think they seriously believe that people in 15 years will buy these clothes that is as flat? No. They believe that children will grow up and will buy. Well, as we.

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But we're not so eagerly consumed everything as before. It's funny that in my childhood I was dreaming about these expensive dresses from Vogue. I grew up and can afford (not always discounted, but can). But I don't want. I don't even go to any outlet to grasp there Prada on sale — I don't need Prada. Big name I don't care. Well, Prada. What? Yes, I'll go second and get mad a dress for € 30, which tomorrow will copy Saint Laurent or Vetements. And I'll think, "fuck you!" It you're taking my style, but I'm not you.

And so I think many.

Confession of a Shopaholic: "I still got it". I love shopping, I love shopping as a leisure activity, I believe that new dress — new life. But I'm an idiot. I officially consider myself a victim of the sect. It's embarrassing. I want to get better.

I, like many, dislike the "fast fashion". Oh Yes, she very much gave us. She made fashion not only a privilege of the wealthy bourgeoisie, but also available to all us mere mortals. God bless Zara, and the like. Fashion is now everywhere. And its too much. So much that I am sick.
Fast fashion has become too fast. High — low. And the truth is that all this no longer works. The mechanism has failed. Well, Yes, they are still spending incredible amount of money that we wanted them. And of course, we want — we confuse. But it is not so. And in the future quite a bit. They know it. We all know it. So they are trembling over the millenials. That can ruin it all to dust.

Yes, all this looks like madness. Because man does not need so many things as he want to impose.

Now they are teenagers to start Dating in the hope to raise the consumer of the future. The Person Buying 3.0. But consumer culture is changing. And will continue to change even more. These Teens, the Millennials, they are smarter than all of us. They allow themselves to flirt, but do not let yourself be used. They change things, scour the flea markets, but in the end nothing bought. Fun — can be. Waste — hardly. The fact that they want a slow buzz, but not fast — and that no shopping will not give them. They want to enjoy life the way it did soderjanie their parents. They don't want to rush, they don't want to tear my wrists. They do not need a "dose of happiness" — they need process. And this has nothing to do with it. It's a new generation that appreciates life itself, not what it can buy.