Now Miroslav goes to a special kindergarten and is in the children's center of St. Sophia, and happens once a year at a summer camp for children with developmental disabilities where the employee works a variety of professionals.

Children with autism it is very important to develop communication skills in the team, fine motor skills, the ability to Express their wishes in a clear to the surrounding people. Camp Miroslav was good practice — he spent a lot of time with other children, playing and doing.

To improve the quality of life of such children, as Miroslav, the necessary regular classes. So the boy and his mother have invited to St.-Petersburg Institute of early intervention to make a clear program of his training at home is vital to communication skills with others, primarily with parents.

We ask all who can help Miroslav, to donate funds for his trip to Saint Petersburg. The hard lessons, the symptoms of autism can be reduced!

By calling the telephone number 90006684, You will spend 1.42 euros to Myroslava. Calling 90006560, You will sacrifice a large amount 4,27€. To donate quickly and simply directly on the Foundation's website (there you can read stories of other children) and using the following Bank account marked "Miroslavs Lopato":

Recipient: Labdarības fonds "Ticība, Cerība, Mīlestība", reģ. Nr. 50008173931

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Thank you for Your participation!