Ushakov has filed an application for registration of marks in three languages - Latvian, English and Russian. In Russian it is planned to register the mark in the writing of Latin and Cyrillic characters. The application was filed may 17, 2017, and on July 24 the Patent, the Board acknowledged the possible registration of a trademark. Ushakov has until 24 October to pay a state fee 3629 euros to register a trademark.

As previously reported, the application was filed on Ushakov as a private person. The mayor of Riga wants to obtain the rights to use the phrases "Ušakova kepka", "Ushakova kepka", "Ushakov cap" and "CAP USHAKOV". Ushakov told Latvian television that he wants to register this phrase only to someone began to produce something "very controversial content".

"Cap Ushakov" is the unofficial name of an artificial hill in the Plavnieki district (named by analogy with the mountain, Lemberga hūte, Ventspils). Earlier, the mayor of Riga in social networks admitted that he sometimes uses this phrase. Moreover, the election campaign was used by the blue cap with the same phrase - in this cap was photographed the soloist of group "Leningrad" Sergey Shnurov and Ushakov posted photo cap on his personal profile in Facebook.

Ushakov told LTV that he has no plans to call hill in the morning. "Cap Ushakov": "I may be largely to blame, but I'm not crazy and not stupid. This title even in the best of the mountains can not be".