The Prime Minister of Germany, explained the German position on the settlement of the migration crisis, addressing the Parliament ahead of a planned 17 March summit of heads of state and government of the EU, designed to identify solutions to the problem of refugees in the European scale.

Merkel's comment was made in connection with the recent proposal of Turkey. Ankara said it was ready to take back all refugees who come to Greece in transit through Turkish territory, regardless of their nationality and motives. If among them will be the Syrians, then exactly the same number of immigrants from Syria, Europeans will have to take out to itself from Turkey, where there are 2.5 million Syrian refugees.

In response to developments with the EU, Ankara insists on the abolition in June of the visa regime with the EU for Turkish citizens. On Thursday, 17 March, in Brussels the Turkish proposals will be considered. However, Merkel said that negotiations on this issue should go without targeting a specific result.

The German Chancellor expressed hope that the meeting in Brussels will allow us to find "a lasting solution to the" immigration problem "across Europe". The head of the German government stressed that the protection of the sea border between Turkey and Greece must play a key role in the struggle with the migration crisis. She also added that "fair share" connected with refugees loading on the countries of the community should be a priority.