Details of the storage and accounting of 8.5 billion rubles, found during the search of the sister of the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs Zakharchenko, said on Monday at a hearing in Nikulinskiy court Prosecutor Sergei Bochkarev, reports from the court correspondent of Russian service bi-Bi-si Sergey Goryashko.

According to the Prosecutor, the mother in the apartment Zakharchenko was discovered "book of 12 leaves lined". When prosecutors have examined the contents of the notebooks, it turned out that this "application to funds", — said the Prosecutor. "Mother kept the records of funds", — concluded the Prosecutor.

According to the Prosecutor, Zakharchenko trusted his mother not only as the most close person, but because of her education. "She's a teacher, a mathematics teacher, and her ability is very useful," said Prosecutor Sergei Bochkarev, adding that the book was the calculations "in a column".

"We compared the amount (specified in the notebook — bi-Bi-si) with the found money", — said the Prosecutor, noting that the amounts recorded in the notebook match those found in the apartment of the mother of Colonel amounts of money. "Experts-handwriting found: the record was led by the mother and nobody else", — said the Prosecutor.

In September last year when they searched the Colonel's sister Irina Razgonova in the apartment on Lomonosovsky Prospekt was discovered more than 124 million dollars, about 1.4 million Euro 342 million rubles and a gold bar weighing 500 grams.

Nikulinskiy court of Moscow began to consider the claim of the Prosecutor General arrested the Colonel of the interior Ministry Dmitry Zakharchenko and his family. The case is judge Elena Kuznetsova. The Agency filed a statement of withdrawal in favor of the state seized money and property of the former Deputy head of the "T" anti-corruption Central Directorate of interior Ministry Dmitry Zakharchenko and his family.

Dmitry Zakharchenko, who oversaw the interior Ministry in combating crimes in the fuel and energy complex, was detained in September last year on charges of receiving a bribe in 7 million. Two more episodes he was charged on February 22 after the transfer of his case to the Investigative Committee of Russia.

"She then wanted the leg cut off"

Now the mother and sister of Zakharchenko, who have found found at Zakharchenko billions left Russia. "Mother (D. Zakharchenko) went to Israel, sister — in Turkey. From there, they make individual attempts something to explain the presence of money, but yet the situation only worse," — said the official representative of the Prosecutor General Aleksandr Kurennoy Telegram channel of the office.

Vladimir Razgonov, the husband of the sister of Irina Zakharchenko confirmed Razgonova bi-Bi-si, that his wife left. "She then wanted the leg cut off, she had extensive varicose veins. It from anyone not hiding, she has nothing to hide," the attorney said. The lawyer of Colonel Victor Emelyanov also confirmed to reporters that the mother Zakharchenko and his sister are abroad.

"Congratulations," — commented the news of Prosecutor Bochkarev.

"Not Santa Claus with bag"

Zakharchenko and his defence repeatedly denied that the Colonel had found in the apartment of the sister of money. Zakharchenko said that the money found in the apartment, he does not belong, "90% of the apartments," he had no access.

However, it is in General attempted to explain the origin of money from my parents.

"I went to school. When people come to the first class, at school they have equal opportunities. But someone learns well, and someone at Troika," — said Zakharchenko, explaining how his parents earned the money. He said that the money his parents and sister earned on agriculture

Parents, he said, was engaged in the sale of poultry, cattle, grain. "Father, as far as I know , were involved in their construction was the construction crew he's got," said the Colonel. "To say that I all my friends and strangers how Santa Claus came with a bag and handed the money to purchase the property or possession is absurd".

Earlier the prosecution told about the testimony of relatives accused of bribery of the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko, who have found billions of rubles. Version of the mother and sister of the accused, was found during the searches, cash of them planted.

The court questioned and father of Colonel, Vladimir Zakharchenko. "Sources of savings was different, it was vouchers, it was possible for a bottle to buy the wolves for a bag of sugar. Then in the action "Gazprom" I invested. Then commercial schemes — legal-illegal. Then was legitimate".

Father Zakharchenko has compared himself with businessman Boris Berezovsky. "I was involved in some extent to the fact that Dima (Zakharchenko) to Marina (Semennoi) life (family), feeling guilty I have done such a thing — gave the apartment and two Parking spaces". Many questions Vladimir Zakharchenko did not reply, saying he suffered a stroke and has problems with memory.

The Prosecutor also asked whether really last place of work of the father of the Colonel — "Moscow mortgage Agency Bank." "I don't want to answer," said the father of the accused.

"It's physically impossible"

Zakharchenko himself was questioned on Monday via video link from Lefortovo. He asked to personally participate in all meetings, but the judge said it was not required by law.

Zaharchenko rejected all the arguments of the prosecution. He said that the case files are missing evidence, as if he personally gave funds to any of the defendants for the purchase of any real estate: "the Prosecutor distorts the facts and violates the Constitution and the rights of citizens and third parties who were not obliged to declare their property".

"It stated that I lived on my sister's troubetzkoy and his wife, Saratovtseva supposedly, and that I lived in Prechistenka and Yakimanka — man cannot live and be in different places. It's physically impossible, I could sleep, but not lived". Zakharchenko drew attention that the law is not allowed to visit and stay overnight.

"Not a single sheet of evidence that Zakharchenko Dmitry Viktorovich was the de facto owner of movable and immovable property and cash," said the accused. He said that is a lie, slander, and libel: "Not a single leaf of evidence that I was the actual owner". 90 thousand rubles, found during the search in his office is the salary, the Colonel noted.
Zakharchenko also denies that the money found in car Acura. Auto is not owned by Zakharchenko — owned by a citizen Adonijah. In the car investigators found more than 13 million rubles, 170 thousand dollars and 5 thousand Euro.

At the meeting on 10 November, the Prosecutor stated that Zakharchenko was trying to get rid of the keys from Acura during a search in his office — he tossed them in the trash. "The interrogation Protocol not Adonijah, Adonijah, not 15 or 17, it is necessary to interrogate". Zakharchenko sought to ask him: "Citizen Adonijah is your money?"

Zakharchenko noticed that in the interrogation stated as if he was trying to destroy the keys. "The keys are impossible to destroy because they made of plastic and iron. I have not chewed and beaten with a hammer. This is a lie to discredit".

He noted that it was not proven that was found in the car money have to do with it. Zakharchenko stressed that the prosecution did not arrest the machine.2.*

Where the relatives of Colonel billions

A defendant at the suit of the relatives Zakharchenko, which feature seized property, as well as his friends. A defendant at the suit of the Prosecutor General eventually became the father and mother of Colonel Zakharchenko, his sister Irina Razgonova, wife Anastasia Pestrikova, the girlfriend of Jan Saratovtseva and Marina Semynina and friend Pestrikova Lily Gorshkov. None of them could get on the legitimate income of the property which they are designed, said the Prosecutor General.

Total amount of property Zakharchenko, recoverable in favor of the state, is about 9 billion rubles ($152 million).

In addition to the cash, this 13 apartments and 14 Parking spaces in the elite areas of Moscow, and also four expensive car. Among the 13 apartments are those which were kept in cash in rubles, dollars and euros. Part of the property was registered in the relatives and friends of Colonel. The volume of assets and real income Zakharchenko disproportionate income, which he called as his salary, noted during the court hearing, the Prosecutor.