The Minister of economy became a Deputy of the French National Assembly, conservative leader Bruno Le Mayor, another representative of "Republicans" as the Prime Minister of Philip, who took office on Monday. Socialist Gerard Collon, mayor of Lyon, one of the first to speak in support of the Macron, was given the post of Minister of internal Affairs.

Another socialist, Jean-Yves Le Drian, who led the previous government to the defence Ministry, will now head the Ministry of foreign Affairs of France. It's called a close friend of former President françois Hollande. The new Minister of defense became a woman, the ally of Macron, middle of the road, Sylvie Gular. Previously, she was an MEP, representing the party "Democratic movement".

The head of the election headquarters of Macron and the Secretary General of his movement "Forward!" Richard Ferrand was given the post of Minister of regional Affairs. The post of Minister of justice got another centrist Francois Bayrou, the leader of "Democratic movement" and the mayor of the city. Shortly before the start of the presidential campaign, Bayrou has created a pre-election Alliance with a Macron.

Representatives of the right have criticized their colleagues who agreed to cooperate with the Macron, and one of the deputies said that the new French President "blow up" the political landscape. In total, the study included 22 people — equally men and women. The new Minister of sports of France became Laura Flessel-Colovic, Olympic champion in fencing. The head of the Ministry of culture was Francois Nissen, head of the publishing house Actes Sud. Renowned environmentalist Nicolas Hulot is the Minister of environment.

The first meeting of the new Cabinet will be held on the following day, may 18. The announcement of the names of the members of the government moved from Tuesday to Wednesday due to thorough audits of candidates, according to French media.

In June, France will hold parliamentary elections. The party, whose candidates were defeated in the presidential election, going to take revenge.
Experts suggest that President-centrist may have to share power with the Prime Minister. In France, this political practice is called "cohabitation".

Earlier in the week, the macron was appointed Prime Minister, 46-year-old Edouard Philippe, who previously held the post of mayor of the city of Le Havre. A week earlier headed by the President of France the movement "Forward!" was presented by 428 candidates.