Last seasons Sprinter suffered more with injuries than running. The Arajs even tried to try herself in bobsleigh, but the sores did not allow the Ronalds to Express themselves fully in training. On the eve of last season, the athlete still did not leave hopes to return, but this was prevented by the transferred athlete Epstein-Barr.

"Spend a lot of money, but no good there. The whole day felt like sleepy. Don't even know whether this was a consequence of the fact that in recent times didn't do any tests. I was told that after Epstein-Barr is such a discipline as a sprint, where momentum and explosive energy return is impossible," — said Arajs.

Finally, the point in his career, says the Arajs, he decided to put recently: "Before this, all the time mulling over his choice, knowing that you still can, but... Why ruin your health, to take risks and to invest financial resources to result in me someone said: "well Done, Ronalds, that you went to the Olympic games". It is better to concentrate on the job to provide for his family" — sums up the now former athlete.

Ronalds Arajs is the champion of Latvia at a distance of 100 meters (of 10.18), which established in 2011. The best results in the international arena — 4th place at the Universiade-2011 in Shenzhen China and 6th at the European championship 2012, where he made it to the finals and was injured — Achilles tendon rupture. Because of this, damage to the Latvian Sprinter had to miss the London Olympics.