U antoniny two children. Daughter already goes to school, and a son was born recently — in the autumn. But in fact children of Antonina could be three, if not tragedy. The eldest son was born in 2006 dead.

Not so long ago, Antonina received a call from the State social insurance Agency. She explained that in 2015 entered into force the new law on family benefits. And, as it turned out, Antonina incorrectly received the allowance for her daughter, 11.38 Euro, as for the first, instead of 22.76 euros — as for the second child. That is, the calculation of benefits should include all children who were born in the family. Even stillborn.

"Registered the younger son, after a week I call the worker VSAA and said: since you have the first child was stillborn, you are at my daughter improperly received benefits. You received 11.38 Euro, as for the first, instead of 22.76 euros — as for the second child. In 2015 just passed such a law that stillborn children are also taken into account in the calculation of benefits. I of course, thanked, asked if they could recalculate. They said they can only do for six months," says the woman.

The fact that from 1 January 2015 Latvia pays differentiated family allowances. The more children, the greater the benefit for each subsequent child.

Antonina thought: if the worker of social security says that the law entered into force in 2015, then she is entitled to more than two hundred euros. She has written several posts on social networks. And she began to write the same mother. They thanked him for what he had learned about the possibility to obtain large benefits. Many admitted that they hear about it first.

The State Agency of social insurance of the Russian broadcasting LTV answered that they do, since 2009, of the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers number 562 were excluded one rule, which concerned the payment of family benefits. It provided that the number of those children for which family allowance is paid does not include children who were born dead. Now, this rule no.

"This means that in the calculation of family allowances we consider inanimate and children, if they received a personal code," says the representative of the state Agency of social insurance Iveta the Dyna.

But families about the opportunity to apply for the grant in greater extent to inform in no hurry. And learn about this possibility itself is not possible. In the law there is no line that when family allowances are taken into account stillborn children. There is no information on the home page of the state Agency of social insurance. In this VSAA argue that as soon as the prohibition to take into account the unborn children during the calculation of the allowance was withdrawn, about it there was a note in Latvijas Vēstnesis.

The Minister of welfare Janis Reirs from the review of the Russian broadcasting LTV refused. The question of why for three years the government hid from the people the opportunity to obtain more benefit in case of loss of the child, the Minister called technical.

In turn, the representative menslage Jana Muizniece said that the Ministry had not got information about the residents will receive less benefits. In addition, the situation with the loss of a child is very sensitive, so the were afraid to talk about it directly. After the interest of the Russian broadcasting LTV myblog promised to Supplement the home page of the state Agency of social insurance and to prepare for the residents necessary information.

The state Agency of social insurance were assured that mothers who have experienced the loss of a child and received less than they were supposed, benefits for subsequent children, will be reimbursed. And not for six months, and nearly three. For this you need to write a letter to the social insurance Agency.

According to the center for the prevention and control of diseases every year in Latvia born dead over a hundred children.