According to information transmission, Padings in rotation can continue working in a managerial position in the customs, and Deputy Director General of the SRS on issues of combating crime, Kaspars Czernecki, most likely, will continue to work in another structure of the SRS.

As previously reported, the CEO of SRS Inara Petersone, the rotation of heads of structural units of the SRS and their deputies will affect about 20 employees.

The Minister of Finance instructed the SRS to identify suspicious employees and to get rid of them, as well as a rotation of four leaders, recalled Peterson. The CEO of SRS said that against the staff who will be transferred to other posts, not the evidence of their illegal actions because in this case they would be fired.

It was also reported that the Deputy General Director of the SRS Aigars Unzen may take the vacant post of Director of the State regional development Agency.