The state police of Latvia has also started criminal proceedings on the fact of fraud on a large scale. Under the law, the punishment for such crime may be imprisonment for a period of 2 to 10 years with possible confiscation of property.

The Prosecutor General's office of Latvia of review in this case is that does not.

Sam Mirsky to answer the questions of journalists of the Latvian television did not want to, but conveyed through his assistant that he knows nothing about this criminal process. "If you would have initiated proceedings against Aleksandra Worldly, at least I called the police, would have put forward charges, or have assigned some kind of status. But all this was not and could not be, because I never had access to European money", — explained in writing by ex-MEP. He connects the statements of the Latvian television of the election campaign in June he intended to apply for the post of mayor of Daugavpils.