Reinhard Heydrich was one of the most horrible people who surrounded Hitler. The monster from the lair of the monsters. "Himmler's brain is called Heydrich" grimly joked the SS, this man had incredible power and even greater ruthlessness. It went incredible rumors, many of which were true. Heydrich was one of the ideologists of the "final solution of the Jewish question". It is Heydrich developed a plan for a fake attack poles in the German population, which was the reason for the outbreak of the Second World war. And he ruled Czechoslovakia after its occupation. Heydrich was mortally wounded on may 27, 1942 two Czech patriots Joseph Gabcom and Jan kubiš, who became national heroes of the Czech Republic. The attempt on Heydrich made on the leadership of the Reich. On the day of the death of Heydrich, the Nazis launched a campaign of mass terror against the Czech nation. It was announced that everyone who has knowledge of the whereabouts of killer and protector who will not give them, will be shot together with the whole family. Was shot 1331 Cech. After the funeral of Heydrich was destroyed the village of Lidice all the men were killed and all the women sent to a concentration camp. After the assassination of Gabcik, kubiš and their comrades disappeared into the Orthodox Church of Cyril and Methodius. Their location was the betrayer. The Church is surrounded by an army of soldiers, the SS, the Gestapo, and seven Czechs have put up desperate resistance.

According to French critics, almost documentary text by Laurent Binet makes a real novel, not interlacing the truth with fiction, non-fiction description of historical figures and "passionate attitude of the author to history as a permanent source of reflection and self-discovery".

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