Throughout the day held a variety of activities. At 10:00 will begin the program of activities for the whole family. Throughout the day you can follow various sports events. At 10:00 will start the big beach volleyball tournament (want to participate? Write — [email protected]), led the team-the biathlon will start at 11:00 (you can apply on the spot, from 10:00 a.m.), and later, at 11:00, will be inaugurated the tourist season is typical for Gulbene district.

Parallel to the river Pededze will be fishing with the famous biologist and journalist Maris OLT County. Everyone will be able to share their experiences or chat with Maris OLT County. Will run creative workshops (aviamodelirovaniye for children and adults, etc.), it is expected and many attractions for both large and small. From England come new, unseen inflatables. Visitors also have the exclusive opportunity to try the simulators astronauts, catapult, rent a boat or ride a horse, to take part in tours in Litene with a guide on the retro car, and much more...

A great surprise for the vintage car parade, which will begin in Gulbene at 13:00. Machine will pass through the main streets of the city and will go to Litene, in the place they are in 14:00.

For the first time, you will be a Night market in Litene!!! Here you can buy a variety of household goods (clothes, shoes, jewelry, fishing tackle, flowers and seedlings, dried fruits and sweets, toys and much more, even goods from Ukraine!) Want to sell your product? Still have 10 places (application can be submitted at the following address [email protected])

Entry to the event in the daily program (10:00 to 16:00) — free.

Evening programme: 16:00 — 4:00) already paid. At 17:00 music festival will open with a group of children "kukushechka", a children's performance of the Yamaha, Baltie lāči dance ensemble 'Litenietis, Galaktika, Klaidonis with dancers from Raganiņas and Lauku muzikanti, Bruģis, Otra puse, dancers breakdance together with Kalyani of Street warriors from Riga, Dzelzs vilks and Kaspars Max. The presenters of the festival — actor Guntis Skrastins and DJ Aivis (LR 2).

On the spot is available free Parking and free camping sites, will work fine diner with a varied menu and drinks throughout the day and night. Those who remain to sleep in a tent, waiting for a hot Breakfast. And cafes have prepared special menu with traditional dishes. About delicious drinks taken care of Cēsu alus. For children there will be tasty snacks.

On a convenient schedule will be constantly cruising public transport (including at night). You just have to find a stop — Litenes centre, and from there all paths are already in Litene.

Tickets can be purchased at Biļešu paradīze ticket offices, the house of culture Litene, in the management of Litinskii parish (tel 64472213) or in the parish library. Advance purchase ticket price is 6 euros, on the day of the event is 10 euros. For the disabled 1st and 2nd groups (on presentation of ID), and children under 10 years free admission.

More information about the event is available at:, and

See you in Litene!

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