Is it possible to find a summer camp, which definitely will go to the child benefit? That will help you prepare for an exam like IELTS or will test whether the student for the transition to a foreign private school or University admission? Employees egoPERFECTUS, Baltic leader in the field of personalized learning believe: Yes, you can. But this is not such an easy task as it seems.

You can go to the sea and at the same time to work out English a few hours a day. You can go in summer universities (e.g. Oxbridge or Ivy League) and take the "course of the young fighter" — preparation for entrance to University. You can combine language study with sports or creative (design, movie, or music). Or you can choose a camp program for young leaders, where youth learn to achieve goals and to lead the way. You can complete the program of language immersion and spend three or four weeks in a foreign high school. How about programs for parents with young children? Which country will you choose? The UK? USA? Canada? What is the optimal duration of training camp? Whether to go for a week?

Everyone who begins to think about summer camp, many questions arise. This should not discourage you, because the experts will help to find answers. It is important not to lose sight of the main thing — correct language camp in any case, would the student benefit. A simple example: the intensive course usually involves at least 22 academic hours per week. This can be compared to 1,5-2 months of school, but don't forget about the other language environment: in such circumstances, the child begins to speak faster.2.*

The second point: the best age for the camps is from 8 th grade and older, because the child not only dramatically improves language skills, but also gain a huge life experience. He skips through other systems of education, met with the foreign way of life and becomes more independent. Before the end of school is extremely important.

"You need to understand that the choice of camp is not the final task. By itself, the camp it is unlikely that anything will dramatically change in a child's life — recognizes the egoPERFECTUS consultant on education abroad Liene Pommer. Camp should be considered as part of the plan for the development of the individual young person and his further education or career".

But what if the desire to grow is there, but no clear plan? For such cases, egoPERFECTUS there is a special tool — a technique egoMAPPING, which helps to identify the real needs and motivation of children and their parents. Based on this information, the company's specialists select the most suitable options of language camps around the world. "In our list of the best specialised language camps in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries, — says Oksana Pinchuk. — They can not only learn a foreign language or improve your knowledge, but to skills of sports, art, acting, music, dance, horse riding".

Summer vacation very soon, it's time to think about what to do in the summer. Rest and study at the same time — what could be better? egoPERFECTUS will help you find the summer language camp in which your child will not only improve foreign language skills, but will gain new experiences and get great experience. To schedule a consultation to professionals egoPERFECTUS here.