A number of groups of items of goods, there was a decline associated with seasonality, while the growth that balances the overall performance of cargo traffic volume. Given the seasonality in the area of transit and logistics in July, there was a slight decline in turnover, but in a year it leveled, and the total volume of freight traffic is comparable to last year. Including slightly increased domestic (0.7 million tonnes or 3.5% more than in the same period a year ago) and more than two-fold increase in overland transit (1.97 million tonnes, or of 118.4% more than the year before).

For 7 months, the greatest decrease was observed for exports, i.e. on the volume transported from ports and exported from Latvia cargoes (1 million tonnes, or 65%, in comparison to 7 months last year). At the same time in July in this segment had an increase in the amount of 4.5%. In turn, imports amounted to 97.8% from last year (23.6 million tons), with most of them follows through the ports until further destination and this amount for 7 months of the year increased by 0,4%.

By types of cargo growth for like 7 months in General and July in particular was observed for coal (by 43.7% in the period from January to July and 33% in July). This year also more transported ferrous metals ( 6.2 per cent) and ore ( 18.4 per cent), and in July an increase was observed in the transportation of grain, its volume is 7 times higher than in July last year. At the same time decreased the turnover in the segment of petroleum products (22% in 7 months), mineral fertilizers and chemical goods (12% in both categories).

Most of the goods are of Russian origin — the share of goods from this country during the first half of the year was 78.5% of the total volume of goods transported by railway, or 1.4% more than in the first 6 months of last year. Second largest partner is Belarus, goods which account for about 15% of total turnover.