The Memorandum stipulates that both companies will focus on the creation of a multimodal rail link between China and Latvia, including through the organization of cargo transportation and consolidation of its services on creation of the center in Riga. Founded in the framework of the Memorandum, the new message will provide guaranteed transit time, simplifying customs and transit procedures for incoming and outgoing cargo, and will support more flexible transport, for example, sending an incomplete stack container trains.

Significantly, this Memorandum was signed simultaneously with DHL commenced activity in its new multimodal route Asia–Europe, which by means of railway transport connects Shenzhen and Minsk. So far DHL has signed similar agreements with the national companies of railway services in Belarus, Chengdu and other important centers all over the created China trade route "One belt, one road".

LDz President of the European Commission stressed that the agreement will provide Latvian enterprises the necessary flexibility and confidence in the possibility of a more free exit to the markets of China and Asia, as well as strengthen Latvia as a strategic point along the route of the initiative "One belt, one road" in other European countries.

The economy of Latvia and its neighbouring countries is growing faster than the economy for the rest of the European Union, so companies in the region to continue its expansion, it is necessary to look at new markets, such as China, the Executive Director of "DHL Global Forwarding-Greater China" Steve Juan.

The Memorandum includes the terms of cargo transportation by sea and other modes of transport between Latvia, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, as well as for the delivery of goods by air and road links between major cities across continental Europe.