During the conference it was concluded that Latvia with its unique geographical location, developed port and rail infrastructure must become a logistics hub for the delivery of Chinese goods to Northern Europe. About perspectives of Latvia in the foreseeable future become an important transit hub between Scandinavia and China spoke not only of the Latvian senior officials and representatives of Chinese enterprises. For example, the head of one of the most important logistics companies in the world "DHL Global Forwarding" Steve Juan, citing challenges in the economy, which is forced to face China because of his experiences rapid economic growth, acknowledged that this country is very interested in development of economic ties and establishment of the entry of Chinese goods outside their home market. And that Latvia can become a state, providing connections to the Northern part of Europe.

The prospects for Latvia in this area also increases its activity in recent years to strengthen its position in international transit corridors, as well as on the development of routes for delivery of goods from China to Latvia, said the Minister of transport Uldis augulis. "We are confident that this message has great potential," said conference Minister, adding that it will be effective, as it allows goods from the ports to get to any place in Scandinavia within 48 hours. The next challenge is ensuring balanced traffic in both directions, so that the new routes were not only fast but also efficient from the standpoint of cost.

LDz President of the European Commission reported on the conference for the work done — contracts concluded with international companies, including DHL, and develop an extensive route network in cooperation with partners from different regions. The next step in strengthening the position will be the development of multimodal transportation with the inclusion of this process companies to provide services for all possible types of transport.