Now the Federation of bobsleigh Russia can not pay the coaches due to the freezing of accounts, and its acting head George Bidjamov declared internationally wanted on charges of major fraud.

According to Minin, "the offer to head the national team of Poland I received at the end of April. Before that, I had a conversation with representatives of the Polish Federation on the theme of what I am doing now and plan what to do next. We previously discussed ways of cooperation".

"I had to make this decision, because I sat without money, I had to survive somehow. Federation other countries were aware of my situation. And I was a candidate for coaching "the market". I didn't want to leave the Russian team. Our coaching staff are working very well together, Russian athletes have a great potential. But circumstances were stronger", — he said in an interview the Agency "All sports", not becoming to publicly disclose the amount of the debt.

With the women's team of Russia specialist from Latvia had to work another two years before the Olympics-2018 in Pyeongchang.

"The contract was annually confirmed, but all went well. And until recently I had hoped to be a decisive conversation with the leaders of the Federation with the participation of Lueders (coach from Canada). Hoped that we will offer stable, reliable option with the contract. In the end, it was offered to me, but the situation with salaries is still not resolved. So, to my great regret, I had to give up work in the Russian team.

I know that my leaving upset and my colleagues, and athletes. But I had no choice. If I wasn't married, I would be willing to wait. But I have a family to feed. I need financial stability, which the Federation of bobsleigh Russia can not be guaranteed," — said Minin.

The contract with the Polish team coach has not been signed, there is only an oral agreement about cooperation: first, you must settle all questions with the Russian national team.

Janis Minin — known in the recent past Latvian bobsledder. In 2009, he led the crew-four won bronze at the world championship. This medal was the first for the Latvian bobsleigh world Championships after the restoration of independence of the country. A year earlier, the crew of the Janis won the title of European Champions. Twice the Quartet headed by Minin ranked second in the world Cup (seasons 2008/09 and 2009/10).

Minin finished my career in 2011 after a conflict with the leadership of the Latvian Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton, as well as with the head coach of the national team by Sandis Prusis. Last seasons 35-year-old Minin was part of the coaching staff of the women's national team of Russia on bobsled, and has previously worked with teams of Slovakia and Belgium.