NEPLP reports that on April 20 in the NTV Mir has been shown to transfer "the meeting Place" on the possible revival of Nazism in Europe. In one of the subjects the speaker of the Latvian Saeima Inara Murniece was called neo-Nazi, which is known for its ultra-right-wing views and opposition to Russia.

Presented the Council noted that the plot wore a tendentious character, and the facts were distorted - in particular, it was argued that Murniece participated in the March of Legionnaires on 16 March and laid flowers on the graves of Nazis. The narration about the laying of flowers was accompanied by a video where Murniece in 2015 lays flowers in Kiev, on the Maidan.

NEPLP notes that the plot of the TV channel violated the Latvian law on electronic media, as well as the code of broadcasting electronic media, established by the British regulator. According to the code, opinions and facts should not mislead.

Previously it was reported that Latvia has imposed restrictions on the broadcasting of RTR-Planeta, and tried to limit the operation of the Internet website "Sputnik".