Sisters of Tavrida acted in a weight category to 57 kg. In the first round of the 19-year-old Inese was free in the second round defeated Russian Daria Minin (14:4), and in the quarterfinals in extra time took precedence over the Finca suvi Mikkonen.

In the semi-finals of the Latvian taekvondisty was supposed to meet with the Russian, Ekaterina Kim, but rival are unable to go to the Mat Inese and without a struggle took place in the final. In a decisive duel for the gold her opponent was another Russian player — Tatiana Kudashov. Of Tavrida lost 5:15 and took the silver medal, and Kudashov second year in a row became the champion of Europe (last season in the category up to 53 kg).

Previously Inese of Tavrida and Kudashov competed in June of this year at the world Championships. Then in the semi-finals also proved to be stronger than the Russian, which eventually became Vice-world champion and INES won the bronze.

17-summer Jolanta of Tavrida speech at TH start with a win over Turk zero Delacour (13:3), then won the Irish Sean Banani (13:2), and in the quarterfinals — the Russian Enisey Chelohsaeva (7:2). In the semifinals, the younger of the sisters of Tavrida could not resist against Kudashevo — 5:17, and eventually got a bronze medal. In November Jolanta took third place at the Junior European championship and in 2014 she had a silver at the world championship among cadets.