The large hopes associated with veterans Dmitry Trefilov and Vitaly Kardashov, bad manifested itself in the individual exercises on the stages of World challenge. However, it was not enough to get the bullet in elite gymnasts, which the international Federation (FIG) gave the last tickets for the Olympics-2016.

In the last qualification the selection of the representatives of Latvia participated only Valeria Greene, however, she failed to get a ticket to Rio.

Of the representatives of rhythmic gymnastics of Latvia a year ago on the Olympic ticket hoped Elizabeth Gamaleeva. Then came injury, a long pass competition and as a result misses to the Olympic selection.

In previous Olympics the representatives of the Latvian gymnastics was something to boast of: in 2000, the gold was won by Igor Vikhrov, four years Vice-champion of the Olympic games in Athens was Yevgeny Sapronenko. Games-2008 in Beijing took place without the Latvian gymnasts, and in 2012 in London went Trefilov.