The participation of Latvian soldiers in the Minusma operation discussed today the Commission of the Saeima defence, internal Affairs and corruption prevention. Minister of defence Raimonds Bergmanis (sacs) announced at the meeting that he will ask about the possible extension of the mandate of Latvian troops to participate in this operation.

Term of participation of Latvian soldiers in the operation terminates at the end of June. "We will ask the Parliament to extend the mandate", — said the Minister of defence, adding that it is planned to increase the number of mission participants.

Latvian soldiers participate in international operations in Mali in 2013.

Currently, seven Latvian soldiers serve on a rotating basis in the training division of the Nordic and Baltic countries to the mission of teaching the EU in Mali.

Since the end of February this year, the Latvian NAF have begun to participate in a multidisciplinary integrated UN mission. It involves one Latvian soldier, acting in the Netherlands led by the staff unit of the information processing in Bamako.