The series of articles "Latvija var!" the portal Delfi is dedicated enterprising people in the Latvian business, whose ideas become the innovative products win export markets or the hearts of the customers in Latvia. The project was created with sotrudnichestve DNB.

"MK Dizains" was founded in 2010, but, according to Semenova, experience in building playgrounds for children, he received much earlier in the woodworking business his father. However, seven years ago, was created as a separate firm, where Victor is a Board member and his father Sergey — the Manager.

Now working at the plant are in full swing, as the active construction season is in full swing. Besides, the company moved to new premises. "If we talk specifically about today, before 30 August, I can't offer anyone anything to make. Is that the little things," says Victor.

Last year the turnover of "MK Dizains" has exceeded 1.2 million euros. The question is not is it difficult to work with family members, Victor answers in the negative. Like many other characters of stories "Latvia can!" it confirms the main thing — the correct distribution of powers, in order "not to meddle in someone else's garden".

  • 1. Private homes and public areas
  • 2. Two seasons per year
  • 3. Projects in neighbouring countries
  • 4. A business that gives children the joy