This decision was taken following a conference in al-hasakah, which was attended by about 200 representatives of various ethnic and religious groups. Basically they are supporters of the Democratic Union (PYD) party, close to Kurdistan workers ' party (PKK), recognized by many, including Turkey, as a terrorist organization.

The new region will include three sites in the North of Turkey, where the PYD in 2013 announced the formation of Autonomous regions: cobán and Afrin in the province of Aleppo and Jazira in the province of al-Hasaka. Between the first two areas were able to establish a direct connection, and the third area remains an enclave.

The Turkish government has repeatedly opposed the creation of the Kurdish autonomy, and the Syrian leadership against the federalization of the country as a whole. In this regard, the current decision of the Kurds and their allies could complicate the continuation of the peace talks in Geneva, although the Kurdish Democratic Union (PYD) is not involved in the negotiation process.