Last month the national team of Latvia has not played a single match. After the June defeat from Russia (0:3) and Estonia (1:2) the team Alexander Starkov has sunk to the 130th place. Now set a new record. Antigua and Barbuda, Equatorial Guinea, Niger, Central African Republic and Rwanda, Tanzania, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Kyrgyzstan and Malawi. All these and many other exotic for the football world countries are ahead in the ranking of Latvia, which account for 242 points.

Recall that the highest place in the rating of FIFA national team of Latvia has occupied in 2009, the year — 45-E. In September 2016, she was 95th in the world — best achievement over the past year.

In the first ten two rival of the Latvian national team in qualifiers for the 2018 world Cup: Switzerland in fifth and Portugal sixth. On top place back the Brazilians. Germany, who headed the rating in July, and now the second. On the third place Argentina. Team Russia remained on the 62-th row. Estonia — 98-I, Lithuania — 99-I.

FIFA ranking for August 10 (in brackets the position in July)
1 (2) Brazil — 1604 points
2 (1) Germany— 1549
3 (3) Argentina— 1399
4 (5) Switzerland— 1329
5 (6) Poland— 1319
6 (4) Portugal— 1267
7 (7) Chile— 1250
8 (8) Colombia— 1208
9 (10) Belgium— 1194
10 (9) France— 1157
...131 (130) Latvia— 242