June 16 this year, the Council made a decision on how the committees will work elected to the Duma deputies. According to the opposition, this distribution does not meet the requirement of the 54th article of the law on local governments — to establish the number of representatives of each party in the committees, to the extent possible in proportion to the number elected from each of the party members.

In this case, neither of which proportional representation was out of the question assured the opposition MPs, who make a complaint to the Ministry.

The Minister of environmental protection and regional development Kaspars Gerhards, having considered the application, concluded that the principle of proportionality is indeed not met, and instructed to change the distribution of deputies in the Duma committees. However, Salaspils regional Duma refused to execute this assignment and in late October, challenged the order of the Minister in the constitutional court.

Earlier, the judge also suspended the decision of the local Council. His Ministry is called Jurmala municipality to revise the composition of the standing committees of the Duma, however, the town Council believes that committees elected in accordance with regulations.

Disagreements have arisen due to the fact that the ruling Duma coalition expelled opposition deputies from the committees on development and environment, education and culture and on transport and housing.