In documents, stored for many years at Vincennes castle, there is data on several thousand intelligence agents, including the well-known French designer Coco Chanel. These materials still have not been studied by historians who had no access to them.

As noted, the dossier on Chanel, in particular, there is a note written by an anonymous source to the French Resistance in November 1944.

"A source in Madrid told us that Madame Chanel in 1942-1943 was the lover and agent of Baron Hans Gunther von Dinklage. Dinklage was attache of the German Embassy in 1935. He worked as a propagandist, and we suspect him that he is a German agent", - stated in the document.

According to responsible for keeping the archives of special services Frederick Capinera, in the records it is stated that Coco Chanel was recorded in documents as an agent of the Abwehr - the organ of the military intelligence and counterintelligence of the Third Reich in the years 1919-1944, which was part of the Supreme command of the Wehrmacht.

At the same time, Keiner said in an interview with the AP that the Germans could include the name Coco Chanel as a potential source of information and by instructions, but it is unknown if she knew about their status.

With the beginning of the war, Chanel closed her fashion house and shops. After the arrest of her nephew, she made contact with the German authorities, and after the liberation of France, she was accused of collaboration and sent out of the country. As noted by RIA "Novosti" earlier historians suspected the Chanel in that it not only supplied the Abwehr information, but also scored more than ten espionage missions.

Coco Chanel founded the fashion house Chanel and have had a great influence on fashion of the XX century. She, in particular, brought in women's fashion fitted jacket and little black dress. Also famous for its signature accessories and perfume products.