Kim Jong-UN in the interview with the army command said that the military "must always be ready for action at any time to solve the party". The leader said that the rush with sharp decisions is not going and wants a little more "look at the reckless and stupid things Yankees," reports TASS with reference to the KCNA.

The DPRK leader also advised Washington to "clear his head" to weigh the pros and cons of the conflict with North Korea and think, "what the current situation is more adverse".

"To defuse tensions and avert the threat of a military conflict on the Korean Peninsula, it is necessary that the United States first made the right choice, and showed it by their actions. Washington must immediately stop arrogant provocation against the DPRK and to refrain from unilateral demands," said Kim Jong-UN.

Last week, the North Korean Agency KCNA reported that the Republican army is developing a plan for launching missiles in the direction of GUAM. The US President Donald trump said that the DPRK is waiting for "big trouble" in the event of an attack on an island in the Pacific, a us territory. "If something happens to GUAM, North Korea will be in big, big trouble", warned the American leader.

Following this, the official DPRK press reported joining the ranks of the North Korean army of about 3.5 million volunteers. It was noted that citizens submit applications for admission or re-contract on military service, to fight back.2.*

On the eve of the American media learned that the success of North Korea to test an Intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the coast of the United States, made possible through purchases on the black market powerful rocket engines from the Ukrainian factory "Pivdenmash." Kiev has denied the information, saying that she probably "provoked by Russian special services".