A native of Romania, Alexandra Keren a few months ago became the heroine of the British tabloids, saying that she wants to sell her virginity for at least a million euros. At the same time she assured that the money she needed to enroll in Oxford and to help the family to maintain housing otherwise native Alexandra would put on the street. Keren also said she didn't want relatives to know about her decision, but agreed to participate in various TV shows. However, later media version was different - it turned out that the parents of the models have quite decent income and no one to evict them is not going to.

Recently it became known that the girl was able to find a buyer, and the amount of the transaction exceeded initial expectations - auctioned the lot for € 2.3 million was acquired by businessman from Hong Kong, whose name remains unknown.

The transaction went smoothly, she turned with an escort Agency who already have experience of such auctions. Kefren already talked to the buyer, and to meet him it is held by an employee of the Agency - to make sure the girl is not in danger. For their services Agency takes 20 percent.