"Let's start with the program "Earth-home-road", will give people the land. Speaking about the project, which I developed, is approximately 30 to 60 acres of land each for free," said the leader of "Yabloko".

While Grigory Yavlinsky thinks that may be due to the income from the sale of oil and gas, the cost of "two thirds of private housing," cover of gasbuggy. The politician argues that the implementation of the strategy will take seven years.

The head of the political party also believes in the opportunity to open for every Russian citizen a personal account where to transfer the funds "from the export of natural resources, the share from dividends of state-owned corporations". In addition, the election program included a proposal to introduce in Russia "compensatory tax" on property obtained through crime and fraud, RBC.

The decision on nomination of Grigory Yavlinsky presidential candidate of the Russian Federation adopted at the Congress "the Apple" in February 2016. Presidential elections will be held in March 2018.